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Wavecom is a leader in the fields of Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Test & Measurements, Multimedia, Education, Instrumentation and Professional Systems. Wavecom is specialized in the field of telecommunication to connect any two locations to each other and support Internet access to any location that has no infrastructure by many methods with high quality and reliability.

We have our own HUB (STM) which is placed in Dream Land in 6th of October, Egypt, more than that, we also have our own terminals that are ready to be installed at any time.


Wavecom is an official agent for Four large companies that are leaders in the wireless communication and cables connections in the entire world industries:

  1. Cablefree.

  2. STM

  3. JPF.

  4. ACOME.


Over the last twelve years, Wavecom have made tremendous progress in quality, reliability, and consumer acceptance and Wavecom continues with the aim to provide total turnkey / integration solution to the Broadcasting and Telecommunication Industry.
Wavecom is focused and determined to continue providing complete quality solutions to its clients. We at Wavecom always go the extra mile beyond our commitments with our clients


The Team

The company has a medium sized set up with a team of professionally qualified and substantially experienced personnel. They are imparted job training, both locally and abroad, on a regular basis.


To keep up with its high-end technology reputation Wavecom actively participates in various exhibitions and seminars both in and abroad UAE. This also ensures that Wavecom continues to highly satisfy its local and international clients.

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