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1. LAN extensions:


Connecting Customer buildings at full LAN backbone speed, avoids the WAN bottleneck




2. Cablefree Last Mile - PDH


PDH access from POP to Customer, alternative to microwave links or copper leased lines





3.Cablefree Last Mile – Routed IP


IP access from Backbone Router at POP to Customer, wireless alternative to copper or fibre runs





4.Cablefree Metro Area Network


Connect Customers to POP sites – Virtual-Multipoint LMDS replacement – Wireless bypass of Local loop





5. Cablefree in mobile networks


Microcell connection for GSM, PCN and 3rd-generation UMTS





6. Cablefree Fibre Resilience


Use CableFree to backup existing microwave links,fibre or copper leased lines where redundancy is require





7.Cablefree Temporary Links


Quick-fit temporary links for Data or Outside Broadcast Use License-free alternative to microwave or radio solutions





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